Technical Area 1 - Surveillance and Identification

Research Priorities for Horizon 2020:
  • Adaptive Wide Area Surveillance & Monitoring System
  • Citizen as a Sensor
  • Situation Awareness Sharing
  • Performance Metrics for Surveillance Systems
  • Future Border Surveillance
  • Automated Border Control
  • Underwater Security

Surveillance and Identification technologies supply information to security operators concerning possible dangerous situations and events. The pervasive exploitation of surveillance and identification technologies and systems suffers from several drawbacks, related to reliability (too many false alarms or, on the contrary, missed detection of specific events), usability (operators can be overwhelmed by data load) and citizen acceptance (concerns about trust, privacy and individual freedom: the “Big Brother” effect). The desired evolution of Surveillance and Identification in the European perspective calls for technology enhancements along with procedural amelioration, in therespect of citizens' personal rights and user- and citizen-friendliness.

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