Technical Area 4 - Resilience

Research Priorities for Horizon 2020:
  • Advanced capabilities for law enforcement
  • Improving Crisis Management Response
  • Autonomous platforms for Crisis Management
  • Physical Protection of Infrastructure
  • European Platform for Simulation and Training
  • Reducing the societal cost of restoration
  • Resilience by design
  • Enabling rapid external assistance
  • Engaging the population in crisis management

TA4 is mainly focused on the technology solutions and provides a consensual view on Europe’s research priorities for Protection, Neutralisation and Restoration.

H2020 recognises the need for Europe to anticipate, prevent and manage security threats, requiring innovative technologies, solutions and knowledge. TA4 is relevant for a number of specific objectives that support the EU’s policies for internal and external security:

• Fighting crime and terrorism;

• Increasing Europe’s resilience to crises and disasters.

The EU faces many challenges in the security domain, most characterised by threat unpredictability.TA4 focuses on delivering technology and societal solutions to increase resilience and strengthen recovery to man-made and natural disasters.