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Technical Area 6 - CBRNE

Research Priorities for Horizon 2020:
  • Smart environment to reduce Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive (CBRNE) impact
  • Agro-terrorism and security of the food chain
  • Detecting CBRN attacks on utility distribution infrastructures
  • Efficient CBR detection in support of trade
  •  Stand-off CBRE detection and identification
  • Nano-security
  • Field based drug detection and identification
  • Improving CBRNE disaster management
  • Harmonizing detection and identification of bio agents

TA6 is focused on the technological solutions to counter CBRNE actions.

  • ·         Counter CBRNE is defined as the collective efforts, at all levels, to enhance the security measures against CBRNE risks and threats.
  • ·         TA6 addresses the complete range of technologies, methods and procedures taken to provide effective Prevention, Resilience, Resistance, Reaction and Recovery concerning the CBRNE environment.


 TA-6 Officers

Jean-Claude de Miscault
IMG-S TA6 Chair

Maarten Nieuwenhuizen
IMG-S TA6 Vice-chair

Alexandre Custaud

IMG-S TA6 Vice-chair

 Andrew Proudlove

IMG-S TA6 Secretary/Rapporteur