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Technical Area 7 - Cybersecurity

Research Priorities for Horizon 2020
  •  Cyber security and resilience of next-generation infrastructures (NGI)
  • Trust management in federated networks
  • Anomaly detection in networks
  • Security and trust of e-government services
  • Ethical, legal and societal aspects of cyber defence
  • Protecting personal information
  • Efficient cyber-events audit trail
  • Attribution
  • Cultural and practical techniques to enable cyber security
  • Standardisation
  • ·         TA7 was created in 2012 as an IMG-S joint effort, combining expertise on the societal aspects of cyber, communications, networks and information processing and management with the purpose of providing a holistic approach to security and resilience.
  • ·         Considering the ubiquity of cyber space in every aspect of modern societies, it is understood that exploited vulnerabilities may lead to disturbing or potentially dangerous effects for Society.
  • ·         TA7 aims to develop a new paradigm in cyber security that provides a more secure, a sustainable economic model and better social environment.